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IntegrIT develops Voice, Video over IP solutions since 2006. We successfully performed many projects for many platforms. Our porfolio includes software solutions for embedded PBXs, VoIP gateways (i.e. for Marvell), intercoms (for Zenitel, 2N, etc.), cloud servers (for Viber), video conferencing endpoints and videoconferencing servers. Most of them based on our CrystalSpeech voice engine or CrystalVu video engine. Our SDKs are available as object library for any platform. Sometimes we sell SDKs with source codes.  Our VoIP solutions serves at least several tens of millions VoIP channels worldwide.

IntegrIT offers services of customised software development with accent on real time applications and networking protocols such as SIP and H.323.  Describe your task in the form below and we will offer solution.


Probably you already have existed product and plan to upgrade target CPU, but do not have enough experience or resources to do it. IntegrIT will help you to port the product on another hardware platform, develop drivers, QA tests and so on. Do not waste time and send us request!

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Or send a message on WhatsApp number +7 (926) 258-30-19