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IntegrIT has deep expertise in radio communication algorithms design. Digital signal processing, modulation, channel coding, signal detection and recovery, turbo equalisation and etc. Our engineers have strong mathematics background in development of the most algorithms used in communication. Send us request if you want to get more information. We delelop high performc


We develop DSP (digital signal processing) Libraries and algorithms for high performance DSP cores and processors known as NatureDSP Libraries. Our libraries come as part of Cadence IDE (Xtensa Xplorer for Cadence Tensilica DSPs) and save users a lot of time in software development. All libraries are oriented on practical usage of DSP algorithms in real life applications and offer very flexible API.

We have developed DSP libraries for the most Tensilica DSPs such as Tensilica ConnX D2, HiFi2, HiFi3, HiFi4, VectraLX, ConnX BBE16 (Base Band Engine 16 MAC), BBE32, BBE32 EP, BBE32 AP, BBE64, BBE64 EP, BBE64 AP and others.


IntegrIT develops multi threading applications to full utilisation of multicore CPUs and NUMA clusters.